Katie King – Biography

  Katie King grew up in Eugene, Oregon, where she began listening to jazz records at the age of eleven. “I was in a record store when I first heard Billie Holiday; I just had to buy the album.” From then on she was hooked; she earned money working in her parent’s restaurant to buy more jazz records.

Soon she was listening and learning from the great vocal styles of Ella Fitzgerald, Sarah Vaughn, and Carmen McRae. “I feel like they were my teachers,” says King. “I learned from listening to the great stylists. . .they taught me, not necessarily how to sing, but how to stylize and be able to take a song and interpret in my own way.”

katieking2 Since landing in Seattle in 1990, Katie has become a bright light in Seattle’s already glowing cadre of jazz performers, building her reputation as one of the area’s best and most versatile jazz singers.

Katie has been featured at Seattle’s Bumbershoot Festival, as well as at a number of Seattle’s major jazz venues, including: Dimitrious’s Jazz Alley, Salute in Citta, Wild Ginger, Tula’s, Serafina, The Trolleyman Pub, Seattle Sheraton, and The Four Seasons Olympic Hotel.